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On May 22nd 2017, after an Eighteen month hiatus, The Loved One returned to The Unserviceable Studio to resume the re-mastering of Locate and Cement (1985) – the third album by The Loved One.


The intensely difficult task of restoring this album is now complete and the final re-mastering/mastering sessions begin. The restoration has produced a much clearer and sonically exciting recording than was possible by using the technology which existed when first released.


This highly controversial album will be re-released 




Observations a film made by Frenchghosts is now on the video page



Radio Fantazia No.3 a mysterious animation by Animook is now on the video page 



15 Zing Tones for your telephone enhancement are now back online.



Zing Tone 1 is taken from the soundtrack of "Aldous in London" and is a variation of an element in the "Red Phone" section of the film.



Free mobile phone downloads



The Radio Fantazias are available now in store



The Radio Fantazias by The Loved One Re-release date 11/12/13



Listen to clips from each Radio Fantazia on the Radio Fantazia page




Warping On Water part 3 will be featured at the “VII Festival Alto Vicentino” 20th to 23th June 2013 at Villa Rossi, Santorso, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy. - Gilles Blaize


A film from the archive has been posted on Youtube featuring Zeb Yek and Peter Appleton playing the Spring Zither and Double Hexagon. You can watch the film on the Metaphon video page.


"The Loved One is now in the second week of mixing down the next re-release album from 1994 – The Radio Fantazias – expect a release date within the next few months." - Dryden Hawkins


 . . . . . . . and for your mobile telephone why not download this handy Loved One app –

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